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StraPack RQ-8YRS Automatic Strapping Machine

StraPack RQ-8YRS Automatic Strapping Machine

The StraPack RQ-8YRS automatic strapping machine is ideal for strapping stacks of tyres and coils of cables. When a ball switch, located on the table is activated, the arch descends and applies the strap. The weight of the product is on the conveyor, not on the strapping machine. The StraPack RQ8YRS machine is easily removed from a conveyor system for servicing.

Key Features:

• Self-correcting technology in the unlikely event of a short feed
• Easy strap loading
• Automatic Re-feed
• Easy maintenance
• Ready to operate in under 25 secs
• Portable, Robust construction
• Tension capability up to 46kgf (150mm stroke)
• Simple controls

  • Technical information:

    Machine Dimensions Width 1411 mm
    Depth 610 mm
    Height 1732 mm
    Weight 220 kg
    Arch dimension W 600 x H 650 mm
    Sealing Height 547 mm
    Strap width 5, 6, 9, 12, 15.5 mm
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