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StraPack RQ-8YAO Side Seal Strapping Machine

StraPack RQ-8YAO Side Seal Strapping Machine

The StraPack RQ-8YAO is an automatic, side seal strapping machine that straps palletized products.   The machine is compatible with PP or PET strap.

Features & Benefits of the Strapack RQ8YAO:

  • Fully Automatic or Manual Operation
    Machine can be stand-alone or integrated into a packaging line.
  • Strapping with Arch Sword
    Arch sword penetrates pallet void and straps product to the pallet.
  • Consistent, High Tension
    RQ-8 strapping head with powder coated clutch mechanism maintains consistent, high tension up to 1000N. 
  • Fast, Consistent Strap Feed
    Precise, repeatable strap feeding avoids jams and increases up-time
  • Holder for Pooled Strap
    Strap holder rollers maintain even strap tension during reversing cycle, a useful feature on large arch machines. 

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