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StraPack RQ-8Y Tall Arch Automatic Strapping Machine

StraPack RQ-8Y Tall Arch Automatic Strapping Machine

The StraPack RQ-8Y tall arch automatic strapping machine is specifically designed for tall objects such as filing cabinets and wardrobes as well as for strapping plastic totes to dollies for shipment to retail outlets. For the retail industry, the machines can be supplied with a ramp or alternatively the machines can be sunk into the floor.  For the furniture industry, the machines are usually integrated into the customers conveyor line.


Strapack automatic RQ8 strapper with a tall arch features:

• Self-correcting technology in the unlikely event of a short feed
• Easy strap loading
• Automatic Re-feed
• Easy maintenance
• Ready to operate in under 25 secs
• Portable, Robust construction
• Tension capability up to 46kgf (150mm stroke)
• Simple controls
• Compatible with Strap sizes, 9 or 12 mm

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