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StraPack RQ-8LD and RQ8-LS Automatic Strapping Machines

StraPack RQ-8LD and RQ8-LS Automatic Strapping Machines

When you require a low conveyor height and a bottom seal strapping machine, the RQ-8L Series low table models are the perfect machines.  On the RQ-8LD, the strap dispenser is fixed to the body of the machine, and the strap is fed automatically into the machine.  The RQ-8LS features a separate strap dispenser on wheels, ideal where the strap dispenser needs to be situated outside of a guarded area. Once a new coil of strap has been loaded, it is then fed manually into the machine.  With a cabinet height of only 432mm, the StraPack RQ-8LD and RQ-8LS are unique. Unlike side-seal machines, the package does not have to be shifted against the sealing head.


Products longer than approx. 914mm can be strapped automatically by integrating a StraPack RQ-8L Series into a powered conveyor line. For shorter packages, the RQ-8LD and RQ-8LS can be supplied as fully automated machines with powered belts on the table top just like the RQ-8A series. 

  • Up to 33 straps per minute (even with full tension applied)
  • Unique, low body design
  • Table Height 432mm
  • Self-correcting technology in the unlikely event of a short feed
  • Easy strap loading
  • Automatic Re-feed
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ready to operate in under 25 secs
  • Portable, Robust construction
  • Tension capability up to 46kgf
  • Simple controls
  • Compatible with Strap sizes 5, 6, 9, 12, 15.5 mm
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