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StraPack RQ-8ARCS Fully Automated Strapping Machine

StraPack RQ-8ARCS Fully Automated Strapping Machine

The StraPack RQ-8ARCS is a fully automated strapping machine equipped with a rotating device for in line cross strapping.  It has been specially designed to cross-strap individual packs that require 2-way strapping (for example magazines and newspapers).

Key features:

  • Driven rollers carry the packs into the machine.
  • Packs are strapped one way.
  • Above the machine arch, a 90-degree rotation device turns the pack.  
  • The pack is then strapped again, typically 1 or 2 straps in each direction.

The advantage of using thin, shaft driven table-top rollers is that a package can be turned on the table-top which is faster than lifting the pack before turning it.

The machine shown on this page is the RQ-8ARCS SUS produced from stainless steel for the food industry but the machine is also available in mild steel for use in other market sectors such as the Print Media industry or for Newspapers. This cross strap machine is suitable for cartons, boxes, 18-litre cans and for other applications that need cross-shaped packing.

This machine can be built to suit a variety of product sizes, please contact us for any specific requirement. 

  • Technical information:

    Dimension Width 1495 mm
    Depth 611 mm
    Height 1995 mm
    Weight 250 kg
    Arch size  W 650mm x H 500mm
    Table Height 760 mm
    Minimum Package Size W 120mm x H 100mm
    Maximum Package Size W 590 x H 430mm
    Strap Width 5, 6, 9, 12, 15.5 mm
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