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StraPack RQ-7000M Automatic Strapping Machine

StraPack RQ-7000M Automatic Strapping Machine

The RQ-7000M is a stand alone automatic strapper ideal for moisture-laden meat, poultry and seafood processing environments, the corrosion-free StraPack RQ7000M automatic strapping machine is manufactured from stainless steel and waterproof materials. The fully enclosed cabinet protects the components from water and spray, while the bottom of the cabinet is reinforced to provide extra protection. An internal heat lamp assists in evaporating moisture. The sealing head is side-mounted to protect it from moisture and residue.

  • High Speed - 50 straps per minute
  • Roller table height is adjustable to 3 positions (620mm, 640mm, 660mm)
  • Automatic strap loading
  • Ready to operate in less than 20 seconds

For use in conveyor lines, take a look at the RQ7000MV18 (no roller table included).

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