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StraPack JK-5000 Automatic Strapping Machine

StraPack JK-5000 Automatic Strapping Machine

StraPack's new JK-5000 is based on the popular and affordable JK-5 arch machine but features an enhanced speed of up to 37 straps/minute.


The Strapack JK5000 is robust and portable with locking castors, and its space saving design includes a coil holder within the main body frame. The machine can run 9mm or 12mm wide PP strap with quick and easy changeover. Ready to operate in just 45 seconds, the JK-5000 strapper will default to an energy saving auto shut off mode after 10 seconds when not in use.


Features include:
Easy strap loading and empty reel warning. Auto Re-feed in the event of a strap feed failure.
Advanced reel brake system with no wear parts. No jamming if the machine is operated without a package in place.

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