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RQ-8N High Speed Fully Automated Strapping Machine

RQ-8N High Speed Fully Automated Strapping Machine

The StraPack RQ-8N high speed automated strapping system has been designed for the rapid strapping of newspapers and magazines and can process up to 40 bundles of printed media per minute. The strapping system consists of two machines, the RQ-8N1, which applies a strap across the width of the pack, and the StraPack RQ-8N2 which applies a strap along the length of the pack.  Applying two straps in this way is known as cross strapping, and allows the packs to be picked up by hand for delivery to retail outlets without compromising stability.  The fact that the packs do not have to be turned through 90 degrees before the second strap is applied makes this system exceptionally fast.

The StraPack RQ8N strapping system is equipped with pack stops, side press bars and a top-press to straighten and secure the stack of newspapers prior to strapping. A twin coil holder option with automatic changeover is available on the RQ8N1 to reduce downtime during strap coil changes. The system is controlled via an HMI (touch screen).

The StraPack RQ8N2 can also be combined with the F18-FB, with the F-18FB applying the strap across the width followed by the RQ-8N2 applying a strap along the length of the pack.

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