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OMS TS300 Brick Station Strapping Machine

OMS TS300 Brick Station Strapping Machine

OMS TS300 machines incorporating TR19HT heads are used in brick and tile strapping applications where the heads are lowered and seals are formed on the tops of the packs. The TR19 series strapping head will apply up to 7000N to polyester strap, which has replaced steel strap in most of the brick manufacturing industry.

Our OMS TS300 Brick Stations can be supplied with optional top and side presses and optional edge protection applicators. The pneumatically driven presses apply force to the top and sides of the brick pack in order to ensure that the blade of bricks is perfectly aligned and presented prior to strapping.

The edge protection applicators apply plastic strips of approx. 50-70mm wide and 0.3mm thick (or variants thereof) to the brick pack in order to protect the corners. Our pneumatically operated serrated cutter mechanism stamps the edge protectors at appropriate intervals to ensure that they are the correct length for the pack. Punching the strips with a serrated blade rather than a hot wire, means that there are no unsightly edges and no melted plastic dripping into the packaging area.

Optional Teleservice Module available for remote diagnostics.

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