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OMS COMBO: Combined Strapping and Stretch Wrapping Machine

OMS COMBO: Combined Strapping and Stretch Wrapping Machine

  • The OMS COMBO is an automatic, stand-alone vertical pallet strapping and stretch wrapping machine specifically designed for medium volume production. The machine fulfils 2 tasks, strapping and wrapping, but only takes the floor space of one machine.

    The COMBO is designed as a stand-alone machine, but the wrapper can be disconnected and the strapper can be integrated into an automated packaging line at a later date. The machine features one control cabinet, PLC and HMI meaning that the strapping and wrapping functions can be performed seamlessly. 

    Standard models:

    The combined machine can be supplied as top seal, side-seal or compression strapper, with single or twin strapping heads, and it can be supplied with a semi-automatic or automatic stretch wrapper compatible with 200%, 250% and 300% power stretch film (17-35 mic, 500mm width).

  • 08 COMBO: Top-Seal Strapping option
  • 875 COMBO: Side-Seal Strapping option


Key features:

Stand-alone strapping & wrapping machine Up to 20 pallets per hour Vertical, Side-Seal or Compression Strapper 1 or 2 Strapping Heads Up to 2300kg press force (compression model) Polyester or Polypropylene, 406mm Core Automatic Height Detector Includes safety guarding and light barriers

  • PMB COMBO: Top-Seal, Compression Strapping option
  • Technical information:

    Dimension Width up to 5391 mm
    Depth up to 7733 mm
    Turntable diameter 1800 mm or 2000 mm
    Minimum Pallet Dimension W 800mm x L 1200mm x H 1000mm
    Maximum Pallet Dimension W 1200mm x L 1200mm x H 2200mm
    Maximum Pallet Weight 2000 kg
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