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OMS 082 Pallet Strapping Machine

OMS 082 Pallet Strapping Machine

The OMS 082 is a vertical pallet press strapping machine equipped with two TR series strapping heads and a motor driven pressing platen (aka compression table). The OMS 082 pallet compression strapping machine is designed to compress palletized products before they are strapped.

  • Compresses and Vertically Straps Corrugated Board, Paper Sacks, Printed Media, etc.
  • Telescopic Arch Tracks feed strap at any height
  • Up to 3,000kg press force as standard (up to 5,000kg in total)

Features and Benefits of the OMS 082

  • Proven & Reliable Heat Seal Strapping Heads. OMS TR Series Heads only require servicing every 200,000 cycles.
  • Fast, Consistent Strap Feed. Precise, repeatable strap feeding avoids jams and increases up-time.
  • Optional telescopic arch tracks enable strap feeding at any height (ideal for random pack heights).
  • Strap Coil Holder Options include Tower, Scissor and Jumbo Coil Holders, all with auto recovery to ensure strap is taut and controlled.
  • Optional Equipment. Multiple Swords, Corner Edge Protectors, Integrated Conveyor, Centring Device, Pack Rotating Device for Cross Strapping.
  • Safety Guarding Options. Gordian can offer a full perimeter safety guarding system.
  • Optional Teleservice Module available for remote diagnostics.
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