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OMS 08 Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine

OMS 08 Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine

The OMS 08 pallet strapping machine is a vertical strapping machine with a sword unit to penetrate the voids. This allows the straps to secure the product to the pallet.

The OMS 08 is fully automated and can be supplied with conveyors and a turntable if pack cross strapping is required. Twin-head, twin-sword models are available which apply two vertical straps simultaneously to increase production capacity.

When used in the brick industry, 08 machines are fitted with the TR19HT strapping head, which will apply strap tension up to 7000N to take maximum advantage of the high tensile polyester strapping materials available in the market.

The OMS 08 can also be supplied on a side shift device to apply a series of vertical straps. Fitted with TR14 series strapping head for less arduous duties, the machine will apply polypropylene or polyester strapping materials, according to specification.

Optional Teleservice Module available for remote diagnostics.

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